GnuPG 2.2.22 がリリースされた

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GnuPG 2.2.22 がリリースされた。 ゾロ目。 にゃん×4(笑)

メンテナンス・リリース。 セキュリティ・アップデートはなし。 詳細はこちら。

  • gpg: Change the default key algorithm to rsa3072.
  • gpg: Add regular expression support for Trust Signatures on all platforms. [#4843]
  • gpg: Fix regression in 2.2.21 with non-default --passphrase-repeat option. [#4991]
  • gpg: Ignore --personal-digest-prefs for ECDSA keys. [#5021]
  • gpgsm: Make rsaPSS a de-vs compliant scheme.
  • gpgsm: Show also the SHA256 fingerprint in key listings.
  • gpgsm: Do not require a default keyring for --gpgconf-list. [#4867]
  • gpg-agent: Default to extended key format and record the creation time of keys. Add new option --disable-extended-key-format.
  • gpg-agent: Support the WAYLAND_DISPLAY envvar. [#5016]
  • gpg-agent: Allow using --gpgconf-list even if HOME does not exist. [#4866]
  • gpg-agent: Make the Pinentry work even if the envvar TERM is set to the empty string. [#4137]
  • scdaemon: Add a workaround for Gnuk tokens <= 2.15 which wrongly incremented the error counter when using the “verify” command of “gpg --edit-key” with only the signature key being present.
  • dirmngr: Better handle systems with disabled IPv6. [#4977]
  • gpgpslit: Install tool. It was not installed in the past to avoid conflicts with the version installed by GnuPG 1.4. [#5023]
  • gpgtar: Handle Unicode file names on Windows correctly (requires libgpg-error 1.39). [#4083]
  • gpgtar: Make --files-from and --null work as documented. [#5027]
  • Build the Windows installer with the new Ntbtls 0.2.0 so that TLS connections succeed for servers demanding GCM.


あれ? 既定のアルゴリズムって既に RSA 3072 ビットじゃなかったっけ? まぁいいや。 どうせ新規で鍵を作るなら ECC だろうし。




暗号化 プライバシーを救った反乱者たち
スティーブン・レビー (著), 斉藤 隆央 (翻訳)
紀伊國屋書店 2002-02-16
4314009071 (ASIN), 9784314009072 (EAN), 4314009071 (ISBN)


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暗号技術入門 第3版 秘密の国のアリス
結城 浩 (著)
SBクリエイティブ 2015-08-25 (Release 2015-09-17)
B015643CPE (ASIN)

SHA-3 や Bitcoin/Blockchain など新しい知見や技術要素を大幅追加。暗号技術を使うだけならこれ1冊でとりあえず無問題。

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