WikiLeaks がリークした CIA ハッキングツール

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まずは “Schneier on Security” の記事

One, there is absolutely nothing illegal in the contents of any of this stuff. It's exactly what you'd expect the CIA to be doing in cyberspace. That makes the whistleblower motive less likely. And two, the documents are a few years old, making this more like the Shadow Brokers than Edward Snowden. An internal leaker would leak quickly. A foreign intelligence agency -- like the Russians -- would use the documents while they were fresh and valuable, and only expose them when the embarrassment value was greater.

ロシア。 あぁ,ロシアか。 なるほど。

But James Lewis, an expert on cybersecurity at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, raised another possibility: that a foreign state, most likely Russia, stole the documents by hacking or other means and delivered them to WikiLeaks, which may not know how they were obtained. Mr. Lewis noted that, according to American intelligence agencies, Russia hacked Democratic targets during the presidential campaign and gave thousands of emails to WikiLeaks for publication.


不本意にも WikiLeaks で脆弱性を公にされてしまったツール群の状況は以下の通り。


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WikiLeaks のインパクトと「WikiLeaks 以後」について分かりやすく解説した論説集。

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