Hugo v0.38.1 がリリース

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このブログのサイト・ジェネレータでもある Hugo v0.38.1 がリリースされた。


This is a bug-fix that is mainly motivated by some issues with server live reloading introduced in Hugo 0.38.

  • Fix livereload for the home page bundle f87239e4 @bep #4576
  • Fix empty BuildDate in “hugo version” 294c0f80 @anthonyfok
  • Fix some livereload content regressions a4deaeff @bep #4566
  • Update to fix snap build 4d115c56 @anthonyfok #4538
  • Fix two tests that are broken on Windows 26f34fd5 @neurocline

This release also contains some improvements:

  • Add bash completion 874159b5 @anthonyfok
  • Handle mass content etc. edits in server mode 730b66b6 @bep #4563