Hugo v0.40 がリリース

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このブログのサイト・ジェネレータでもある Hugo v0.40 がリリースされた。

Hugo 0.40 is The Revival of the Shortcodes. Shortcodes is one of the prime features in Hugo. Really useful, but it has had some known shortcomings. @bep has been really busy the last week to address those.


  • .Content for a page retrieved in a query in a shortcode is now almost always available. Note that shortcodes can include content that can include shortcodes that can include content… It is possible to bite your tail. See more below.
  • Shortcodes are now processed and rendered in their order of appearance.
  • Related to the above, we have now added a zero-based .Ordinal to the shortcode.


【追記 2018-04-28】 Hugo v0.40.1 がリリース


This release fixes some shortcode vs .Content corner cases introduced in Hugo 0.40


【追記 2018-04-30】 Hugo v0.40.2 がリリース


This release fixes some regressions introduced in Hugo 0.40. See the milestone for an issue list.

【追記 2018-05-10】 Hugo v0.40.3 がリリース

今回も不具合の修正。 レアケースのようだ。

Hugo 0.40.3 fixes a possible .Content truncation issue introduced in 0.40.1 90d0d830 @bep #4706. This should be very rare. It has been reported by only one user on a synthetic site. We have tested a number of big sites that does not show this problem with 0.40.2, but this is serious enough to warrant a patch release.