GnuPG 2.3.5 のリリース

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毎度遅まきながらで申し訳ないが GnuPG 2.3.5 がリリースされている。

セキュリティ・アップデートはなし。 詳細はこちら。

  • gpg: Up to five times faster verification of detached signatures. Doubled detached signing speed. [T5826,rG4e27b9defc,rGf8943ce098]
  • gpg: Threefold decryption speedup for large files. [T5820,rGab177eed51]
  • gpg: Nearly double the AES256.OCB encryption speed. [rG99e2c178c7]
  • gpg: Removed EAX from the preference list. [rG253fcb9777]
  • gpg: Allow --dearmor to decode all kinds of armor files. [rG34ea19aff9]
  • gpg: Remove restrictions for the name part of a user-id. [rG8945f1aedf]
  • gpg: Allow decryption of symmetric encrypted data even for non-compliant cipher. [rG8631d4cfe2]
  • gpg,gpgsm: New option --require-compliance. [rGee013c5350]
  • gpgsm: New option --ignore-cert-with-oid. [rGe23dc755fa]
  • gpgtar: Create and handle extended headers to support long file names. [T5754]
  • gpgtar: Support file names longer than MAX_PATH on Windows. [rG70b738f93f]
  • gpgtar: Use a pipe for decryption and thus avoid memory exhaustion. [rGe5ef5e3b91]
  • gpgtar: New option --with-log. [rGed53d41b4c]
  • agent: New flag “qual” for the trustlist.txt. [rG7c8c606061]
  • scdaemon: Add support for GeNUA cards. [rG0dcc249852]
  • scdaemon: Add --challenge-response option to PK_AUTH for OpenPGP cards. [T5862]
  • dirmngr: Support the use of ECDSA for CRLs and OCSP. [rGde87c8e1ea,rG890e9849b5]
  • dirmngr: Map all addresses to the Ubuntu keyserver. [T5751]
  • ssh: Return a faked response for the new session-bind extension. [T5931]
  • gpgconf: Add command aliases -L -K -R. [rGec4a1cffb8]
  • gpg: Request keygrip of key to add via command interface. [T5771]
  • gpg: Print Yubikey version correctly. [T5787]
  • gpg: Always use version >= 4 to generate key signature. [T5809]
  • gpg: Fix generating AEAD packet. [T5853]
  • gpg: Fix version on symmetric encrypted AEAD files if the force option is used. [T5856]
  • gpg: Fix adding the list of ultimate trusted keys. [T5742]
  • gpgsm: Fix parsing of certain PKCS#12 files. [T5793]
  • gpgsm: Print diagnostic about CRL problems due to Tor mode. [rG137e59a6a5]
  • agent: Use “Created:” field for creation time. [T5538]
  • scdaemon Fix error handling for a PC/SC reader selected with reader-port. [T5758]
  • scdaemon: Fix DEVINFO with no --watch. [rGc6dd9ff929]
  • scdaemon: Fix socket resource leak on Windwos. [T5029]
  • scdaemon: Use extended mode for pkcs#15 already for rsa2048. [rG597253ca17]
  • scdaemon: Enhance PASSWD command to accept KEYGRIP optionally. [T5862]
  • scdaemon: Fix memory leak in ccid-driver. [rG8ac92f0e80]
  • tpm: Always use hexgrip when storing a key password. [rGaf2fbd9b01]
  • dirmngr: Make WKD lookups work for resolvers not handling SRV records. [T4729]
  • dirmngr: Avoid initial delay on the first keyserver access in presence of --no-use-tor. [rG57d546674d]
  • dirmngr: Workaround for a certain broken LDAP URL. [rG90caa7ad59]
  • dirmngr: Escape more characters in WKD requests. [T5902]
  • dirmngr: Suppress error message on trial reading as PEM format. [T5531]
  • gpgconf: Fix component table when not building without TPM support. [T5701]
  • gpgconf: Silence warnings from parsing the option files. [T5874]
  • gpgconf: Do not list ignored options and mark forced options as read-only. [rG42785d7c8a]
  • gpgconf: Tweak the use of the ldapserver option. [T5801]
  • ssh: Fix adding an ed25519 key with a zero length comment. [T5794]
  • kbx: Fix searching for FPR20 in version 2 blob. [T5888]
  • Fix early homedir creation. [T5895]
  • Improve removing of stale lockfiles under Unix. [T5884]


GnuPG 関連の各パッケージのバージョンは以下の通り(数字は大体のビルド順)。

# パッケージ名 バージョン 公開日 更新
1 Libgpg-error 1.45 2022-04-21
2 Libgcrypt 1.8.9 (LTS) 2022-02-07
Libgcrypt 1.10.1 2022-03-28
3 Libassuan 2.5.5 2021-03-22
4 Libksba 1.6.0 2021-06-10
5 nPth 1.6 2018-07-16
6 ntbTLS 0.3.1 2022-04-07
7 GnuPG 2.2.34 (LTS) 2022-02-07
GnuPG 2.3.5 2022-04-21

現在 GnuPG には2.2系と2.3系があり1,2.2系は LTS 版に位置付けられている。 2.3系では AEAD (Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data) 等 RFC 4880bis で検討されている機能が実装されているので,最新機能を試したいのであればこちらを入れるとよいだろう。 なお2.2系は少なくとも2024年末まではサポートが続けられる予定である。 通常運用であれば,当面は2.2系でも問題ない(ECC も対応してるよ)。




暗号化 プライバシーを救った反乱者たち
スティーブン・レビー (著), 斉藤 隆央 (翻訳)
紀伊國屋書店 2002-02-16
4314009071 (ASIN), 9784314009072 (EAN), 4314009071 (ISBN)


reviewed by Spiegel on 2015-03-09 (powered by PA-APIv5)

暗号技術入門 第3版 秘密の国のアリス
結城 浩 (著)
SBクリエイティブ 2015-08-25 (Release 2015-09-17)
B015643CPE (ASIN)

SHA-3 や Bitcoin/Blockchain など新しい知見や技術要素を大幅追加。暗号技術を使うだけならこれ1冊でとりあえず無問題。

reviewed by Spiegel on 2015-09-20 (powered by PA-APIv5)

  1. 厳密には1.4系もあるが,これは legacy 版と位置付けられており,よほどのバグか脆弱性がない限りは更新されない。もし今だに1.4系(あるいは既にサポートされていない2.0/2.1系)を使っているのなら2.2系以降にアップグレードすることを強くお勧めする。 ↩︎